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If you want to live the life you always dreamed of
This Book is For You!
I myself teach about false dogmas
that effect society like:
  • Older folks are set in their ways, my life seems to have just started at 50
  • Metabolism slows down as you age, mine works really well
  • As you get older, we can't find a job, job discrimination is prevalent, I find my job security is great, I create it.
  • We can't go back to school, we are too old and have no energy. too much responsibility.
    I find more passion, dream bigger and get the fluids moving.


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Every Human Being is a Landlord!

Whatever your lot in life, you are responsible for children, grandparents, spouses, pets, equipment, building, vehicles and your attitude and spirit. BlackBelt Landlording teaches you how to be more effective and efficient in all of these areas.

The ART of Landlording is of vital importance to the INDIVIDUAL. It is a matter of profit or loss, peace or peril. A path to safety or ruin, pride and joy or sickness and sorrow. It is a subject to study and cannot be neglected. It does not run itself.

In Blackbelt Landlording, author David T. Laggini expresses his unique philosophy on landlording, relationships and life. He shows how the secrets of the blackbelt can help everyone create harmonious relationships within their universe.

David is available for speaking engagements, private business consultations and personal training.
Email David at blackbeltlandlord@gmail.com